About FurMinded

Welcome to FurMinded.com!

We're thrilled you're taking the time to get to know us better!

FurMinded.com is a growing online retail pet supply store. We concentrate on providing finer quality, unique and many 'on-line-only' items for dogs and cats- you know, the pampering stuff.

Not all our products fit snuggly into this category, however, the majority does. We are proud and grateful to have been born and live in the United States. Many (a growing number) of our products are proudly made in the USA! We will take an American made product with a lesser profit margin over a foreign product with a higher profit margin.

Over all, if we find a product that is unique and different, is high quality, and made in the USA (a big huge plus and believe me these are difficult to find), it will more than likely end up in our store.


What do we offer?

You won't find our merchandise in big box stores! We offer designer, handmade, and made in the USA and products only found in exclusive pet boutiques. Check out our lines of designer pet beds, large selection of handmade designer collars, leashes, and harnesses in a variety of styles, patterns and colors as well as materials, sports apparel, designer coats, sweaters, raincoats, strollers, an assortment of top quality crates and airline compliant carriers along with a host of other unique, 'hard-to-find' items.

We feature manufacturers such as K&H, Up Country, Klippo, foufou dog, Bogati, Diva Dog, West Paw, PLAY, and many other high end suppliers to name only a few. We are constantly checking out new sources for merchandise and new styles and fashion accessories for pets. We do include a number of items for the obsessed animal lover as well!


About FurMinded

FurMinded.com grew out of a desire to supplement the medical care of our 3 rescued dogs, 5 rescued cats and feral cat colony and to find reasonably priced quality pet items that didn't fall apart after a week's use or fade after one washing, toys that could withstand more than one pet romp, and products that were safe. We grew weary of spending our hard earned money at local discount stores or purchasing the same poor quality pet items with a high mark up at the mall because that's all that happened to be available. Just like you, we wanted value but didn't want to pay through the nose for it.

We've been in business for several years selling mostly at weekend events as a hobby. We recently left our jobs as public school teachers to pursue our brand full time and have since been faced with moving to a new website and platform to accommodate higher traffic volume and sales. We must be doing something right!

Besides constantly adding to our inventory as well as working with new manufacturers and distributors, we pride ourselves on competitive pricing, great customer service, high quality pet products, and name brands! As you can see, we care about our pets and their well-being. As our tag line indicates, we believe our dogs and cats are family, well, 'because they are family!' We're not going to sell any product to you, we would not use or purchase for our babies ourselves.


We're FurMinded! And we're committed!

And what about our name? As the name 'FurMinded' implies, we are genuinely concerned about the health, well-being and safety of our furry family members. Having been pet owners for over 38 years, we are passionate about our pets; they are or have been more than 'just a dog' or 'just a cat'....they are family!

And by the way...

We do not sell any products that use electric shock such as perimeter outdoor fencing or collars, or collars that utilize throat compression, shock, or unpleasant sprays or sounds to induce behavior modification. In short, we will not sell controversial chock, spray, prong or electric shock collars or fencing or anything that damages the psyche of an animal and ultimately induces fear, anxiety, or pain.

We have always felt our pets deserve the best we can give them for what they have given or give to us! And do we pamper them!

If you are "FurMinded", you can understand: half (if not all) your sandwich goes to the dog; you may not consider staying in a hotel that isn't dog friendly; you post more pictures of your pets on FACEBOOK than of your own human family; you sleep in a contorted position because you don't want to disturb the bed full of dogs and cats comfortably sleeping.

What makes us unique? We're not just another business selling pet supplies: We Walk the Walk- not just talk the talk.

We are companion animal advocates and are involved with animal rescue centers. Within our lifetime, we have made our home a 'fur-ever' home to over a dozen and a half dogs and cats- allowing them to live out their lives in the safety and comfort of our home regardless of a medical condition; providing good safe food, quality medical care, concern and lots of love. When our pets become terminal, we are there with them until the end.

Currently, we have three rescued poodles, five indoor cats (one who is over 18 years old) and support our own outdoor feral cat colony! Read about us on our blog: blog.furminded.com.


What will FurMinded.com do for you?

  • FurMinded.com will help you feel good about your purchase; we donate $1.00 per item purchased to a reliable, active, benevolent no kill rescue or shelter we've researched. The donations go directly to helping rescued and sheltered companion animals and support their medical care, grooming, adoptions, shelter, and much more.
  • FurMinded.com will provide you with an easy online shopping experience. FurMinded.com is one of the easiest e-commerce websites in which to maneuver! Shop by individual pet, product category, or product subcategory.
  • FurMinded.com will provide you with safe, high quality pet products that will last! If we wouldn't use it for our pets, we're not going to sell it for yours.
  • FurMinded.com will provide you with name brands from manufacturers who stand behind their products- every one of them!
  • FurMinded.com will provide you with fair and reasonable prices on high quality pet supplies.
  • FurMinded.com will provide you with great customer service. Your order will be process immediately and accurately. If not, we'll make it right.
  • We offer value. We take less profit and foot the shipping bill for you. That adds to the value of the purchase.
  • You'll always deal directly with the owners who have a vested interest in FurMinded.com, maintaining high standards, and making things right. You'll never deal with an automated phone system, wait times or employees who aren't interested in making it helping you. 


    What will FurMinded.com not do for you?

    • FurMinded.com will not increase prices prior to having a sale. Although some manufacturers will not allow their products to be sold below their set retail price, FurMinded.com has some of the lowest prices for the highest quality pet supplies. You won't find our manufacturers in your local discount stores. 
    • FurMinded.com will not 'pad' shipping costs giving us the appearance of having incredible bargain basement prices only to make up for lost profit in padded shipping charges. The shipping costs are determined by weight, distance shipped, and are set by the United States Postal Service and United Parcel Service.
    • FurMinded.com will not sell any products (regardless of profitability) that may be harmful to your pet nor will we sell products that utilize pain or punishment to modify behavior such as invisible fencing and shock, choke, prong, or spray collars. Why? Because they are family!
    • If there is a problem, FurMinded.com will not leave you unsatisfied. We will do everything possible to correct any errors and make it right. You will not be placed on hold, transferred to an automated answering system, or wait days or weeks for a response!


    Get To Know Us

      Please visit our new blog: http://blog.furminded.com/

      Check out our three main areas:

      Meet Our Family - Here, you can get an intimate look into our current furry family as well as those who are no longer with us due to terminal illness or....old age!

      Your Rescue Stories - Here you can read customer submitted companion animal rescue stories. Who rescued who? They're NOT just another cat or just another dog!

      Our Thoughts - Here you can read original posts on topics of interest: rescues and shelters, puppy mills, our own thoughts and opinions, medical topics, etc.


      Your Rescue Stories....We want to hear from you!

      Believe it or not, in this day and age of instant information, not everyone is familiar with animal adoption and rescue agencies. The mentality, for the most part is: we want a new puppy....let's go to the puppy store. And I've talked to many people who are unfamiliar with the plight of animals living under deplorable inhumane conditions at puppy mills.

      Yes, rescue stories are interesting but they also contribute to the bigger picture: your story may help someone in making an informed decision to adopt a rescue animal or an animal from a kill shelter. Your story may be the story that gives a dog or cat a second change at finding a fur-ever home! Or it simply spreads the love.

      Email us your pet rescue stories: 



      Your rescue story doesn't have to be about the living; honor your furry friend no longer with you.

      • What memories do you have?
      • How did this particular furry friend change your life?


      Here's what to do:

      Be as detailed as you want in telling your story.

      Some ideas (but not limited to):

      • What made your decision to adopt or rescue rather than purchase from a store?
      • What was it like for you in the beginning? What hurdles did you have to overcome?
      • How has your life changed? Both good and bad.
      • What is it about this particular pet that brings such joy to you?
      • Write about your pet's personality, quirks, human qualities.
      • Write your thoughts and feelings and make it personal.

      Include a picture.

      • Include a picture of your furbaby; include yourself if you like.

      Check back in a day or two and see your furry friend!


      FurMinded.com is always looking to improve. We would appreciate your feedback. Please feel free contact us with your suggestions or ideas. Don't see something you're looking for? Let us know! Contact us at (case sensitive): CustomerService@furminded.com or admin@blog.furminded.com