FurMinded Supports Rescues & Shelters



Why do we support companion animal rescues and shelters?

First, we sincerely believe companion animals are our furry family members. Our furry friends have been a part of our lives and have provided comfort and joy. Once living in the wild, dogs and cats have been taken from their natural habitats and domesticated. Therefore, we owe these creatures care and consideration. 

Second, our lifelong journey with our pets has opened our eyes to the plight of companion animals in commercial breeding facilities. I would say what is in print through the investigations of legitimate and responsible agencies and sources is abhorrent and unacceptable.

Ever wonder where that cute little puppy or kitten in the window comes from? These animals come from large scale commercial breeding facilities. These facilities are all about profit; dogs and cats remain in cages throughout their entire life, are continuously bred, go without medical care, suffer alone in great pain until they are of no further use to the breeder and are often severely abused and neglected. Often, they are left to die alone or are euthanized on site through inhumane and cruel methods.

Rescue agencies help directly in closing down these places of horror, prosecute those involved, give the dogs and cats shelter, medical attention, rehabilitation and re-homing. Should placement not be a viable option due to medical condition or behaviors resultant from abuse, these animals live their lives out in these shelters surround by loving people who truly care.

Thirdly, in retrospect, I ask myself, "What can I do to affect the lives of these animals in a positive way?" There is meme I've seen floating around the internet: 'Adopt. If you can't adopt, foster. If you can't foster, sponsor. If you can't sponsor, donate. If you can't donate, educate.' There are several actions on that list, we CAN do: adopt, sponsor, donate, educate. Foster is omitted mainly because we would not be able to give the animal up for adoption....lol!

And lastly, our first doggie, Esther, a chocolate poodle adopted five years ago, who impacts us today in a positive way. Esther was originally found wandering the streets of Oviedo, FL and picked up by a near by rescue. After several months, we adopted her. Her full story is in our blog. We loved her so and would give just about anything to have her back. She was and continues to be our miracle girl- putting our lives on a different course and one we hadn't expected. 


FurMinded Gives Program

Why are we doing this rather than simply collecting donations from customers and passing them on to our own favorite rescue and shelter? We've always offered our home to companion animals in need- rescued or adopted pets who would have been otherwise euthanized. We've also noticed that many pet retailers who do donate to rescues and shelters, either have such complex rules or give such a small amount, that the rescues & shelters do not benefit as much as they could. 

While some pet supply retailers give only .05% of an entire purchase to help companion animals in need (amounting to 50 cents for each $100.00 purchase) if they donate at all, FurMinded.com donate $1.00 per item purchased; these donations come directly from our profits and go directly to help 501 (c)(3) companion animal rescues and shelters. (For any single item sold for over $100.00, we donate $2.00.) For clarity, when a single item is purchased by a rescue/shelters associates/volunteers, FurMinded.com donate $1.00; if 10 items are purchased we donate $10.00. If a customer purchases a single higher priced item at a cost of $99 or more, our donation increases to $2.00 for that item rather than $1.00. No catches, no restrictions, no hidden fees.

We also pay by business check so 100% of each dollar goes to the shelters & rescue agencies which directly help dogs and cats- transfer fees at about $6.00 per $100 can add up over the course of a year. So....Make Us Pay!


What is the receiving agency's role?

  1. Approved 501 (c)(3) companion animal rescue/shelter agencies let their supporters, associates and/or volunteers know about our donation program (through their newsletter, website listings or other means the rescue/shelter uses to solicit donations) and encourage them to make purchases through FurMinded.com or FurMinded UpTown.com when possible.

What is the supporter's role?

  1. A supporter associated with a particular rescue/shelter agency makes a purchase on FurMinded.com or FurMinded UpTown.com.
  2. A drop down menu visible at each product lists the qualifying shelters/rescue agencies we have researched and approved; the supporter indicates by highlighting the agency of choice to which rescue/shelter FurMinded is to make its donation.
  3. Purchaser may contact his/her specific shelter with the number of items purchased alerting the rescue/shelter to what they can expect.

What is FurMinded's role?

  1. On the last day of the month, the accumulated donations are sent to the approved shelters via business check.
  2. We will also promote your agency and the work you do on FurMinded's FaceBook business page as well as our blog.

Further Details

  • FurMinded generously donates $1.00 for every item purchased; not a dollar or a small percentage from an entire purchase.
  • FurMinded makes the donation from our profits; we don't ask the customer to donate above their purchase order.
  • We do not take donations on behalf of any rescue or shelter agencies; we ask interested parties to visit the individual website to do so.
  • FurMinded is responsible in its efforts to support rescues/shelters and donates ONLY to shelters and rescues that:
    • Are registered and active 501 (c)(3) not-for-profit no-kill
    • Have clearly indicated on their annual IRS tax returns how their donation funds have been spent.
    • Work directly to help companion animals (dogs/cats)
    • Provide companion animals with quality medical care, dental care, medication, spaying, neutering, food, shelter, grooming, fostering, and adoptions
    • Support the fur-ever lives of those companion animals so severely traumatized that adoption or fostering is no longer a viable option.
    • Have an active FACEBOOK page with active members.
  • FurMinded will make accumulated donations via business check on the last day of the month ensuring 100% of the donation goes directly to the rescue/shelter and 0% on banking and processing fees for electronic transfers.
  • FurMinded will only list rescue/shelter organizations that we have researched and approved; we will not donate to private animal owners, hoarding situations, kill shelters, municipal or government run shelters funded through tax payer money, or breeders.

Not all shelters are created equal. If the shelter or rescue agency is on our list, it's a valid not-for-profit visibly demonstrating benevolence in directly impacting the lives of unwanted, neglected or abused companion animals in a positive way.

  • We check the legitimacy of the organization
  • Verify a 501 (c)(3) not for profit status
  • IRS filing status
  • IRS tax returns to assure that the shelter is appropriating money for direct animal care and the shelter is truly in need.
  • We reserve the right to deny donations to any facility, referred to us requesting participation in our program, which we believe to be questionable in motive and benevolence through our research or their behavior.
  • FurMinded reserves the right to modify FurMinded Gives Program to better accommodate those participating agencies.